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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a cornerstone of personal finance that every household should consider. Despite its importance, there is a great of skepticism if not confusion regarding life insurance. No one understands this better than Metro South Insurance serving Georgia residents.

State Laws and Regulations

We understand that employers are not obliged to provide life insurance to their employees in the state of Georgia unless group coverage is among the workers' benefits.

Types of Life Insurance Offered at Metro

We offer two broad types of life insurance, namely:

Term Life Insurance

Term life coverage is an agreement between you and us to pay a named beneficiary a certain amount of money in case you die within a specified period. In most cases, the time frame falls between one and 30 years.

We know that every client is unique and requires customized term life coverage. Our term life coverage can be further categorized as follows:

Our term life insurance has the following merits:

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a lifetime agreement between the insurance company and you to pay death benefits to your named loved one when you depart. Unlike term life coverage, whole life policy lasts for as long as you live.

Whole life insurance has various benefits, including:

Keep in mind

The amount of premiums paid varies from one client to another based on many factors including age, marital status, health conditions, and occupation. It is wise to get in touch with our agents to discuss the best coverage.

At Metro south insurance, we understand that life insurance is not an easy topic for discussion. However, we also know that it works miracles for your loved ones upon your demise. Visit our offices or give us a call for more information and to learn how to get a quote. Our agents can help answer your questions and get you started.

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