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Renters Insurance

Your rental home should be a haven. You might not own it, but it does contain some of your most valuable items. Many people do not realize how important it is for them to get coverage for their rented apartments and homes for the unexpected. Some also do not understand that their landlord’s insurance policy does not cover their prized possessions. Renter's insurance is a smart and affordable choice for a person wishing to safeguard their property.

What does renters insurance cover?

By getting a renter's insurance policy, you will be protecting your personal property such as electronics, furniture, and jewelry, among others. Even though you do not think you have expensive items in the house, they can all add up to huge amounts. A standard renter’s insurance will cover many perils including:

Some risks are not covered by the standard rental insurance policy. However, most people do not know that renters insurance is versatile and can be tailored so that it fits one’s specific needs. In some cases, you can modify the policy so that you are covered if you move before the policy expires.

What is not covered by renters insurance?

Even though renters insurance is versatile, there are some situations where the insured is not covered. This includes when the insured intentionally causes harm to his own property. Natural disasters that are not covered by this type of policy include earthquakes and floods.

Renter's insurance and additional living expenses

If you are renting a home and something happens such as a fire, and you can no longer live in it, renter’s insurance might help. Renters insurance includes coverage for additional living expenses incurred such as hotel bills.

Without a doubt, renters insurance gives you peace of mind for a minimal cost. If you are in Georgia, please visit or call Metro South Insurance and have your questions answered by our experts.

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